At RIGHT WORK, community encompasses all individuals and member groups comprising watersheds, with human beings playing as vital - helpful or harmful - a role as any other member group.

Considering rights, responsibilities, privilege and entitlement, and the differences among them, RIGHT WORK runs on two main premises: 

  • What at first appears harmful or unfair may be most helpful and necessary for common vitality. No single entity's prosperity is prioritized above common vitality.
  • Natural productivity involves periods of rest and activity that flow with daily and seasonal change. Sustained hyperactivity and/or fixed production schedule exhausts individuals and, eventually, the whole community.

The tendency to praise hard work and working hard to succeed has roots in manufactured hunger and thirst - a natural consequence of displacing individuals and decimating community member groups. Manufactured hunger and thirst then encourages short-term fixes that serve a few immediately yet ultimately fail everyone. 

What doesn't work for a vast majority of community members is necessarily short-lived.

Short-term losses for some in transition to a compassionate market will yield long-term benefits, though none extravagant, for everyone. If the desire is to forward civilization from here without enduring further collapse, these short-term losses are not so much a matter of choice as they are a matter of consequence.

The following poetic character profiles, invite reflection on labor's purpose and encourage a lifetime goal of each hour well-lived.