"I’d never imagined such intensity, such single-mindedness:

their total focus on getting upstream to create new life,

and their utter obliviousness to everything else

— to their dead or dying relatives,

to other species who might prey upon them..." 

David Abram on salmon return in Creaturely Migrations on a Breathing Planet

via Emergence Magazine

We're currently working animation and final edit on the film for the core RIGHTWORK character profile about rivers and mothers featuring Southern Resident orca, salmon, grizzly, human mothers, child refugees, and more.

“Without community, we cannot go very far.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Global in scope and centered in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, THE LONELIEST DREAM is a sweeping glance at severed or strained connections and consequences thereof, including neglected needs, pollution (disease and infertility), and violence (murder and forced displacement). 

THE LONELIST DREAM follows the storyline of MISCARRIAGE, a poem written by Megan Hollingsworth in 2015 during a month's witness with Pacific ocean, whales, and the mothering culture. The poem documents the loss of Rhapsody, a Southern Resident orca who died December 4, 2014 with a dead baby in her womb. Numbers in the storyline (MISCARRIAGE) have been edited three times accounting for one successful birth (January 2019) and several deaths among Southern Resident orca. Like many human mothers, Southern Residents suffer a lethal combination of environmental pollution and malnutrition.

The finished film, 5.5 to 7 minutes long, will be released with a wealth of web content that directs attention to in-the-world problem solving, bond mending, and “bridge” building.

Illustrations by Page Biersdorff. Music by Johnny Bennett and Clare Hedin

Music: New War Countries written by John R. Hollingsworth published by False Momentum Songs ASCAP (880737895) used with permission

From our director 2.7.2019:

I’ve received feedback that the initial film trailer is vague.

This is intentional. In part, because content from the storied poem, once released online, appeared in a promotional for a different project that I’d reached to with interest in collaboration. That collaboration did not happen and the content was used without attribution. This is one of several examples in my experience publishing online and seeking collaboration since producing VIRGIN in 2014.

Plagiarism—treating others as if they do not matter and do not exist—is as natural to an authoritarian socioeconomic system as classism, ageism, sexism, racism, and betrayal. That is, when there’s a fear-driven tendency to do what’s deemed necessary to survive even when the behavior contradicts one’s deepest sense of morality.

So, I do not take this experience personally, do not judge individuals for doing what they are told and feel they must do to survive, and recognize my part in the relationship dynamics. I’ve apologized privately for the resentment held. And have gained a most intimate sense of the pain and suffering associated with fear and increasing social isolation when we feel abandoned, exploited, bullied, and alienated.

Setting boundaries with social media and all of my offerings, I’m releasing content in baby steps as I feel comfortable. And greatly appreciate respect for my process and the investment here for what it’s worth.

Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours have gone into this short film alone. I can and will carry through with my part directing this production regardless of funding and do not expect or anticipate further volunteer labor from contributing artists.

We’re happy to share more with prospective sponsors and/or collaborators. The vision is large and includes an ‘in the world’ community project.

Please be in touch if you would like to help us finish this film and/or RIGHTWORK on the whole.

Many thanks and much love,