ARTIST Statements

Extinction Witness is a collaborative arts project. Artist’s retain all rights to their own work.



“RIGHTWORK stems from ecological (original) sense and personal experience with what is a common struggle to survive even when we’re ‘officially’ employed. As well, the right and responsibility to direct one’s own time and energy in a spiritually and emotionally fulfilling way. Which, for me, involves peacework rooted in care for all mothers and children. The production gets to the beginnings of Extinction Witness, which was initiated after losing a full-time salaried fundraising position with no savings and significant debt in 2011. At the time of the job loss, I was the sole income earner for a family of three. My son was yet breastfeeding. I’ve been setting poems to film since 2013. While writing is a solitary practice that I enjoy, the film production provides balance in the opportunity to collaborate with other artists and feel a part of something.”


Page Biersdorff ǀ ILLUSTRATION

“I am a freelance artist born, raised and settled in the Willamette Valley. I worked seasonally as a environmental educator and hiking guide before dedicating myself full-time to raising my daughter and creating comics and eco-friendly cards. My creative intention is to advocate spiritual well-being and outdoors lifestyle whether that be through comics, cards or commissioned illustrations. When I’m not sketching, I’m hiking, biking or singing silly songs!”



“Spending my early years shy and introspective, I always felt close to Nature and Contemplating – two fundamental relationships that live in me today. When I was 14, my mother died unexpectedly and I became drawn to better know the unknown, in search of a new compass. Whilst my introduction to creativity was typically english; I learned classical piano and choral singing, and found them a little ‘rigid’… it was to be years before they became really known to me in a more personal way. It was through engaging with other art-forms and exploring the nature of my own Consciousness that it all began to make sense and I began to feel more comfortable identifying as an artist.“