Please help finish THE LONELIEST DREAM

film and web content by November 30, 2018! 

THE LONELIST DREAM follows the story line of MISCARRIAGE, a poem written by Megan Hollingsworth in 2015 during a month's witness with Pacific ocean, whales, and the mothering culture, and features illustrations by Page Biersdorff. Music by Johnny Bennett and Clare Hedin. Please see the trailer.

Numbers in MISCARRIAGE have been edited three times accounting for no new successful births and several deaths among Southern Resident orca.

The finished film, 5.5 to 7 minutes long, will be released with a wealth of web content to support the message and direct attention to in-the-world bond mending and “bridge” building.

$8,350 is needed to cover animation, final edit, two research stipends, web copy, and initial marketing.

Backers will have access to the poem and clips of the work in progress via password protected links as we proceed.

All backers will have the option to have their support recognized on screen.

Backers who give $35 or more have the option to receive a set of 6 greeting cards illustrated by our animator Page!

Tax-deductible donations may be made online and by post check HERE.


greeting cards are blank inside


Thank You So Much